Compensation Claims


Are you aware of the different types of compensation claims, what they mean and the stall tactics used by insurance companies to waste precious litigation time for the validity of your claim?

Have you suffered from an injury or illness as the result of an accident or unfortunate incident? If you have suffered from such an injury, pain or trauma then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation under current compensation laws.

At Cluff & Associates we understand how difficult dealing with an injury can be – emotionally, physically and financially. Whatever your needs, Gary  will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your claim is handled professionally and effectively.

Cluff and Associates are able to provide support and assistance in the following areas:

  • Motor Accidents compensation
  • Workplace Accidents compensation
  • Personal injury compensation
  • Negligence Liability compensation

Please contact us if you feel you have reason to make a compensation claim. We understand your case is unique and that you have particular needs, so call us now.


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